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Follow the steps below to request the calculation of the equipment that meets the needs of your property

Passo 01 Personal Data Passo 02 Technical Data Passo 03 Conclusion

Personal Data

Correctly fill in all the form data so that we can return your request

Technical Data

Select the desired equipment and fill in all the form data correctly to perform the calculations

A Gross Fall
Height difference between the water level in the reservoir box and the base of the equipment. Install the equipment at the lowest possible point of the ground, even if it is necessary to increase the length of the tube of the same..

B Adduction tube lenght
Length required to connect the reservoir to the equipment.

C Available flow
Amount of water available, in liters per second, to move the equipment. Always adopt the amount of water from the dry season.

D Tipo de equipamento
Tipo de equipamento desejado

D Geometric Slope
Difference in level, in meters, between the booster pump and the highest point where the water should reach. This difference can be measured with altimeter, GPS or topographic level.

E Retaining tube lenght
Length of the tube connecting the pump to the furthest point where the water is to be taken.

F Water demand
Fill in the quantity of pumped water liters per day that might serve your needs.

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Application Completed

Thank you for sending the data!

Our technical department will analyze and calculate the best equipment. Our sales team will contact you soon!

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