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Turbobomba Betta

Water pumping water

It pumps up to 200,000 liters of water per hour.

Attend pumping distances of up to 30 kilometers.

It attends irrigation and pisciculture projects, as well as a supply for reservoirs and water fountains.

It does not consume electrical energy or any other type of fuel. It's water pumping water!
Turbobomba Betta is an equipment consisting of a Hydraulic Turbine coupled to a booster pump. The Hydraulic Turbine takes advantage of the force of the water stored in dams, dams, streams or water falls to effect water pumping, eliminating the need to use electric or diesel engines.

The model and size of the Turbobomba Betta Hydraulic Turbine is chosen according to the Hydraulic potential of the location where it will be installed (water flow and drop available to drive the Turbine) and the characteristics of the pumping (pumping height and retention length) will define the model and the size of the pump.

The Turbobomba Betta use a Michell Banki and Pelton type turbine.

It is always recommended to take advantage of the fall in totality, exploiting as much as possible the slope of the terrain, even if this increases the length of the adduction tube.

The Turbobomba Betta is very simple to install, the civil works are simple and does not require specialized labor.

The Turbobomba Betta was designed and produced to operate in severe working conditions and in continuous regime, the set has excellent yield and durability.

Preventive maintenance consists of lubricating the Turbine bearings, exchanging pump oil every 2 months and replacing the pump piston repair whenever there is evidence of water leakage (on average 6 months).

This maintenance is extremely simple, quick and very well explained in the maintenance manual that accompanies the equipment. It does not require skilled labor.


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